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These of you who’ve been following my discussions acknowledge that we’ve various vital anti-aging, even age-reversing, methods out there to us. The results that we’ve been witnessing with these methods embrace:

  • Reversal of arthritis ache—Presumptively resulting from elevated joint collagen and elevated lubricating synovial joint fluid (glycosaminoglycan)
  • Discount of pores and skin wrinkles—Resulting from elevated dermal collagen and moisture content material. Many women, moreover experiencing diminished superb wrinkles across the eyes and mouth, additionally report not having to make use of pores and skin moisturizers on their palms and face any extra as a result of pure moisture manufacturing will increase.
  • Discount of anger, improved well-being—Everyone knows that growing older is commonly accompanied by elevated emotions of intolerance, anger, frustration, and different feelings that make us more and more disagreeable to be round. Social isolation, suicide, maybe even narcissistic behaviors grow to be extra problematic with growing older. Many people are as an alternative experiencing a rise within the depth of affection and affection, empathy, generosity, persistence, and the necessity for human companionship.
  • Restoration of youthful muscle and energy—Whereas not everybody experiences this impact (for unclear causes that I hope to discover in our medical trials), those that do can expertise this to an extravagant diploma. Recall that lack of muscle is an anticipated accompaniment of growing older, a phenomenon related to elevated frailty, falls, fractures, metabolic disturbances, and so on. Many expertise a dramatic restoration of youthful muscle and energy skilled as ease with climbing stairs, peddling a mountain bike, or doing heavy yard work. (And, recall that, in the event you misplaced weight in previous by lowering energy, you skilled exaggerated muscle loss past that of growing older, a significant detriment to well being.)
  • Elevated libido—This will happen in each men and women. In males, the impact is not less than partially resulting from restoration of youthful ranges of testosterone. (Not clear if that is true in females but—I hope so as to add this measure, additionally, to our upcoming medical trials.)
  • Elevated vaginal moisture—The inevitable vaginal atrophy that plagues females into their 60s, 70s, and onwards could be not less than partially reversed with restoration of moisture, sensation, and safety from vaginal infections.
  • Acceleration of therapeutic—We’ve all witnessed how younger folks heal quicker than older folks. We’re subsequently witnessing an acceleration of therapeutic from, say, a pores and skin wound or different damage.
  • Heightened immune response—Immunosenescence is the method of declining immune response with growing older. In keeping with the experimental proof, I consider that we’re witnessing improved immune responses. Anecdotally, whereas folks round you might be battling viral an infection after viral an infection, most of us are appear to be practically impervious, or expertise very minor signs whereas everybody else suffers fevers, cough, malaise, and so on.
  • Deeper sleep with prolonged REM phases—Not the fragmented, abbreviated sleep of older adults, however the deep restorative slumber of younger folks, full with vivid child-like desires.

So I got here up with this enchancment on our Lactobacillus reuteri yogurt. Restoration of L. reuteri alone yields some fairly spectacular results, however we will develop the advantages with a number of further parts, all to amplify the age-reversing advantages. (Based mostly upon the outcomes of a human medical trial we performed that I can’t absolutely disclose but resulting from mental property causes, I consider that there are a variety of vital synergistic results on this mixture, a 2 + 2 = 11 impact.) The added parts tackle deficiencies of things largely absent from trendy life. Put these elements collectively and, over time, you’ll seemingly expertise various dramatic youth-restoring results.

Don’t let using the label “yogurt” idiot you. The stuff you purchase within the retailer or make at residence utilizing typical yogurt starters doesn’t present any of those advantages.

Age-Reversing Yogurt
Start by making the L. reuteri yogurt, as described in this weblog publish. We then add the next elements at time of consumption. (Including these parts previous to fermentation will, sadly, imply that microbes metabolize the hyaluronic acid and inulin and so they not persist within the ultimate combination. We subsequently add them at time of consumption.)

  • 1/2-cup L. reuteri yogurt
  • 10 (or extra) grams collagen peptides (bovine, porcine, rooster; use of marine could permit diminished dose, relying on supply)
  • 100 mg hyaluronic acid powder
  • 1 teaspoon inulin/FOS prebiotic fiber

Merely add collagen, hyaluronic acid, and prebiotic fiber to the yogurt and stir. (Don’t mechanically mix.) Get pleasure from with added blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds, floor golden flaxseed, sunflower seeds, your alternative of sweeteners such stevia, monk fruit, or allulose.

By the way, in the event you discover the above inconvenient or entails an excessive amount of problem, that is virtually similar to the combo of substances in our Intestine to Glow cosmeceutical capsules.


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